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UnFish Lens 2022-05-21

Suslik V

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UnFish Lens - Unfish Fish Lens distortion video effect filter

This script adds the "Unfish/Fish Lens" video effect filter.
Compatible with OBS v21.1.2 and later.

  1. Download (or make it from the source code) the "filter-fish-lens.lua" script-file (MD5:B7094F27EEA1E2CE864BDB6A2E946ED2)
  2. Navigate to main menu Tools>Scripts>Add_button("+") and select the file from the p1.
  3. Right click over any obs video source and click Filters.
  4. Under the section Effects Filters (right click menu, Add) will appear new...

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This might be a ridiculous request, but would it be possible to add a zoom/scale slider to this filter?

I am looking to add the fisheye effect to a source, but with this I want the curved edges of the source to be visible as well, right now that is not possible! :o It might require pixels that get no match from the source to be transparent.

In the past I used a custom shader I hacked together for this, but the plugin that ran it has been retired with the latest OBS major version ( T_T ) but then I found this script which is so close to being a replacement :3