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How to create a .DMP file for debugging

If OBS Studio is locking up (freezing) or crashing, you can create a Windows dump file which will help us analyze what is causing it. A dump file lets us see the entire state that the program was in when the file was created, which makes diagnosing problems much easier.

You should only create a dump file if OBS has crashed and the "Woops, OBS has crashed!" dialog is open, or if OBS is completely frozen and / or the "obs64.exe has stopped working" dialog appears. Dump files aren't useful if they aren't taken at the exact time of the problem. Don't "End Process" or click "Close program" or otherwise dismiss any error dialogs until you've made the dump.

Before making a dump, make sure you have the latest release of OBS Studio. Dump files from old versions can't be analyzed as effectively, and the problem may already have been fixed in a newer release.

To create a dump file, follow these steps:
  1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ESC.

  2. Click the "Details" tab ( If you don't see any tabs at the top, click the "More Details" button at the bottom.

  3. Find obs64.exe in the list of running processes (

  4. Right click obs64.exe and choose "Create dump file" (

  5. Select the dump file path and copy it to the clipboard (

  6. Go to a file sharing system such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

  7. Click Upload, then paste the file path into the browse dialog and press OK.

  8. Wait - a dump file can be very large (sometimes 1 GB or more). This could take a while to upload depending on your internet speed. If you're feeling fancy, use 7-zip or similar to compress the .dmp file before uploading to save time.

  9. Send the download link in private to the person who requested the dump file. Do not link the dump file in public - it may contain sensitive information you have entered into OBS such as your stream key or Twitch authentication tokens etc.
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