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How to create a SPE .DMP file

If OBS doesn't open when you double click it, there is likely a crash or conflict happening very early in the startup phase. Similarly, if OBS suddenly exits with no obvious reason, a fatal error may have happened that prevented the crash dialog from appearing. These crashes can be diagnosed by recording a Silent Process Exit dump file.

If a developer has asked you for an SPE .DMP file, this is how to create one.
  1. Download and run to enable the .DMP creation.

  2. Try using OBS as normal. When it crashes or exits unexpectedly, you should get a notification like this:

  3. Press Windows+R, and enter "%TEMP%\Silent Process Exit"

  4. Zip up the folder and upload it to a file sharing site such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

  5. Send a link to the .DMP file to whoever requested it. Avoid linking it in public as it may contain sensitive information such as your username or stream key.

  6. Download and run to turn off the .DMP creation, or it will continue to create .DMP files every time you exit OBS (even without a crash).
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