OBS-Classic: How to make high quality local recordings

Settings for local recording only, not for streaming, x264 encoder

  1. R1CH
    Here are the settings you are required to change to get high quality local recordings (using the x264 encoder). Do not attempt to use these settings for live streaming!

    Use CBR: Disabled
    Quality Balance: 10
    Bitrate: 1000
    Use custom buffer size: Enabled
    Buffer size: 0

    Advanced Options
    x264 CPU Preset: Ultrafast
    Use custom x264 parameters: Enabled
    Custom x264 parameters: crf=X
    Where X is anywhere from 1-20, lower being higher quality / higher CPU usage. A good place to start is the 15 - 20 range. A CRF of 0 enables lossless recording which will have very high file size and CPU requirements and introduces compatibility issues, so be careful!

    Setting the buffer size to zero disables the VBV system, allowing x264 to hit any bitrate necessary to achieve the quality (CRF) specified. If you wish to increase quality further, you need to use advanced options - quality 10 is equal to a CRF of 22, which is fine for live streams but not so good for local recording.

    For compatibility with various editing software, it's also recommended to enable CFR (advanced options) and do not use CRF 0. CRF 0 uses "High 444" mode which a lot of editing software (and some video players) cannot handle.

    For best results, set your output file format in broadcast settings to FLV. You can convert it to MP4 afterwards if you need to. Recording directly to MP4 is very risky, as if OBS or your PC crashes, the whole recording is useless. FLV on the other hand will keep everything up until the crash.

    If you use QuickSync, NVenc or AMD VCE as your encoder, these settings will not work.
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Recent Reviews

  1. xboxer214
    Can you make an updated version for version 19.0.2?
  2. Martin Berg
    Martin Berg
    with ur help I have made a version for me and hopefully too all of you who got the problem of blackscreen because off Custom x264 Encoder Settings in advanced, it might only be me cause of my 5 years old computer but if not, here u go!

    Thank you so much man :)

    This is mostly for youtubers but read all () if you are a streamer - hope this is a good setup for you like it is for me!

    Encoding - https://origin-us.gyazo.com/081744ec895e7efc3cdc20c1e2e51ee4.png

    CBR: off
    Quality Balance: 10
    Max Bitrate (kb/s) 1000
    Enable CBR Padding
    Use Custom Buffer Size: on
    Buffer Size (kbit): 0

    Broadcast Settings:
    File Output Only
    Find an easy accessable folder or make one for ur videos - make sure to save as mp4 if you want that and name them something (same with replay)
    Replay Buffer Length (secounds): 1
    (and ignore replay, it's for streamers, if you stream aswell then read these messages - find a good spot for ur replays if you wish to upload them later)

    Video: https://origin-us.gyazo.com/ac195b94be7190812044d4c9508b1058.png

    Take custom and set it too ur computer screen size, most common is 1920x1080 - if you don't know, go to display settings on ur computer and find out.
    Resolution Downscale: None (1920x1080 - in my case)
    Filter: Bilinear (fastest)
    FPS: 60
    Disable Aero: on

    Skip audio as it's all up too you there, we don't have same headset and taste her im sure.
    Same with hotkeys, skip too advanced.

    Advanced: set to deafault and then change -https://origin-us.gyazo.com/11d25cd8702f879d7f76b1118efa62c8.png

    x264 CPU Preset too: Ultrafast (for streamers - keep it veryfast)

    that's it, ignore the rest under, if you're a streamer u should research up the 2 under urself, not really needed though, u can do fine without them, but they can help u be more proffessional.
  3. Ognjen Marinkovic
    Ognjen Marinkovic
    I have a problem, I don't know if it's my computer or the obs but when I try to record in 1080p the game works fine but the video lags...

    Idk a lot about my specs
    NVDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
    Intel i5 4440 3.10 GHz
    8GB RAM

    It's all I know...
  4. ReC0N
    It's epic but I have a question on putting ×264 preset to ultrafast, I got a warning about damage to the cpu so I place it at super fast. I just need to know if putting it at ultrafast wont have any damages to my cpu [ intel core i7 3.6 Ghz] while playing games like csgo
  5. epiccurly
    Thank You so much, been trying to optimize this for weeks now, to think the answer was right here the whole time. :)
  6. DriftingShade
    Hey R1ch, I just built my new PC in December and I'm looking to make some higher quality videos and I've been tweaking the settings with OBS for a bit now with little luck. The first part of The Evil Within I recorded looked somewhat choppy and kept getting pixelated. That being said, I stumble across this post and this was probably the best thing I've ever found because my quality improved tenfold by using the aforementioned settings! Thank you so much for sharing friend, you are amazing! =) Time to slaughter some games in high quality!

  7. Kreirravia
    perfect :)
  8. IchbinFelix
    This is amazing! :D
  9. Harrison Kennedy
    Harrison Kennedy
    You Sir are a genius! :)
  10. DMMDP
    Thanks, but the FPS falls a lot.