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I just got a new computer, specifically in order to stream video in 1080p, with the specs I found online to make that happen (and mentioned by people here).
I attached the logs from me messing with my settings to try to make it work, but it still has a low FPS (17 or less, fluctuating) with everything I've tried.

Do I need another stick of RAM?

I am currently only needing to stream (and record, but so far have only tried to stream) video, but would also like to be able to stream gaming and video at the same time in the near future, if anything needs to be upgraded or changed for that as well.

Thanks so much!


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Your upload speed needs to be upgraded, you drop 50% of frames because you set your bitrate to 10000 kbit/s while you only have 5000 kbit/s upload.

Can you clarify, do you mean my internet upload speed? Can you suggest what level I need to get to?
and THANK YOU!!!