slow fps

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    When I open obs, my in game fps drops.

    Basically what my title says, my fps drops when I open obs and when I record and stream. My specs are . Please help me or at least tell me what I can do.
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    Question / Help OBS 24.0.3 Eating 50-70 FPS

    Well my obs started just taking a hit on my games and eating around 50-70 fps, I don't even need to be streaming for this to happen, only by having OBS open it will happen and is annoying. I was able to stream Siege having 160-170 fps while streaming at 70fps with the allocation fix and now it...
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    Question / Help Trying to stream video in 1080p

    I just got a new computer, specifically in order to stream video in 1080p, with the specs I found online to make that happen (and mentioned by people here). I attached the logs from me messing with my settings to try to make it work, but it still has a low FPS (17 or less, fluctuating) with...