Troubleshooting : Discord audio goes through both desktop audio AND microphone


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Hi everyone,

I'm posting here after spending a while trying to understand how to correct this problem, so here goes :
When I am using Discord for voice chat (on a voice channel in a server), at the same time as streaming/recording video using OBS Studio, my friends' voices are apparently being transmitted to my OBS microphone capture (and no, it's not a mere echo through speakers to microphone, as I play with headphones on). If I activate Desktop Audio in the Audio Mixer (which I tend to need when playing with friends, because I play with them on PC games such as Among Us), it results in the voices from Discord being captured twice, creating a rather unpleasant echo. I've captured a clip here, that you may hear the effect it gives on the audio. It means that if I want the Discord audio to be correctly captured, I need to deactivate either my Mic/Aux (not really an option) or my Desktop Audio (sacrificing ingame audio). Does anybody know what could cause this ?

TL;DR : Discord audio is captured by both Desktop Audio and Mic/Aux (despite headphones)


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