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Doge slayer

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Hey so i'm having a problem, my obs keeps outputting (is that how you spell it?) my files and then putting them into many 3 second files instead of 1 big file. is there any way to mitigate this problem? or should i try a different recording software?


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A clean log file is required to help fix your issue. To make a clean log file, please follow these steps:

1) Restart OBS (close it and open it again)
2) Start your stream/recording for about 30 seconds. Make sure you replicate any issues as best you can, which means having any games/apps open and captured, etc.
3) Stop your stream/recording.
4) Select Help > Log Files > Upload Current Log File. Copy the URL and paste it here.

(Note: If you do not see an URL, you will need to update OBS Studio to version 22+)