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Time and Date Overlay updated - Local Clock HTML file

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Clock.html GitHub File
  1. Download the HTML File
  2. In OBS add a Browser Source
  3. Select local file
  4. Browse to the clock.html file
  5. adjust the height and width accordingly
You can edit the clock.html in the notepad app on windows, any other text editor on any other OS.

Lines 13 through 20 is where you can change the visual options like font type and color...

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Hi, I'm probably being daft and overlooking something, but no matter what I do at Line 43 it always takes the same format as what you initially show on the main page here. I'm trying to have the clock show the day of the week eg Saturday but nothing doing.


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Cool! Work nice!

Is it possible to math certain date for ex 1/01/2021 minus current date and show how many days was past from certain date?

My ideate to show how many days I am continuously broadcast

Best, Alex


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Thank you so much for this been using this for my Twitch streams and OBS videos it helps me track time on the fly while streaming It's the best and the cleanest overlay yet I have made some adjustments to it so I can see everything for accurate timing and date, for example, this is what I'm using right now: (dddd, MMMM Do, YYYY | hh:mm:ss A) I think it's the best, of course, with different HTML color code #DFFF00 so It doesn't mix with the background of anything I'm recording.

*I have attached a picture of it I think this is the cleanest result I've got.


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I was able to install it.
I edit the timer to show fraction of seconds ( I am trying to use it for gaming desync)
However, the fraction SSS numbers don't run fast like in other timers.
They jump second by second.

Any suggestions how to make it run like it properly?