Suggestion - Pause Button


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It's not forgotten, just on the back burner. There are much more important things to work on for the rewrite at the moment.


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I haven't had a chance to implement it for recording yet in the new version.. I probably won't be able to for a while. Still a lot of things taking higher priority.


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I'm very happy to hear that this is going to be a thing. And yeah, it might be a little lazy to just hit pause and then resume rather than editing it later. However, here's what happens if you don't: you could wind up leaving for longer than you'd thought, and have a MASSIVE file to render, find the spot, cut out the spot, re-render mess up, undo, wait for it to do it's thing, repeat; also, it's much better to pause it right then and there than make a bunch of cuts, and not everyone edits, and as said before, the more times a video gets processed, the more chances the quality will drop. it's exponentially easier and faster to pause the recording than to edit. again, stuff comes up, hell, I've had a time when going out to dinner popped up right in the middle of a recording... Also, you'll get more support if you have the feature, I understand that it might not necessarily be the easiest thing in the world to do, but it'll be worth it. You'll have a larger pool of users and supporters, and OBS would grow faster. I just wish I knew how to program/the language/etc, I'd end up helping out myself. Anyway, still an awesome program, keep up the good work.


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So I just started recording videos and finally got OBS to work for me and not be a blurry mess

I'm horrible at editing my videos and a pause feature which I'm surprised that this software doesn't already have would help out a lot as splicing them together would make it harder for me to edit videos that i am again horrible at editing

Added to the fact that this thread is 2 years old and there's STILL no pause button greatly saddens me

I hope a pause feature will be added soon so i don't fill up my HD with a bunch of recordings

EDIT: Also i agree with Raxmo if we understood the language of the program and all of the other technical stuff we'd gladly help out to get everything out quicker


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Keep in mind that the current OBS is basically deprecated, it's not getting any more new features.
Jim- (and some others) is working on OBS multiplatform where a pause button is not a high priority atm.


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Just wanting to add my voice here to first say 'thanks' as it is a great piece of software. I find it so useful for creating tech tutorials, capturing/logging software bugs, etc. So on this note, I would also find a Pause button (NB with hotkey) extremely useful. The last thing I want to do is have to edit/splice videos. Thanks!

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I would also love a pause feature. Currently I use OBS for streaming only. And the lack of pause for local recording is the only thing holding me back from using it there. Plus the ability to hotkey pause and play funtions :)

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FWIW, I only found this forum searching google for whether it was possible to pause Open Broadcaster while recording. I only signed up to add my opinion that this would be my highest priority for future updates. That is all.
Switch to a different scene and make an image for it .. Such as "BRB" :)
You cant really pause a livestream.

I mean, what happens when people start asking you questions 5 mins later? It will take you 5 mins to respond and that's rather silly. Twitch for instance already apply a 30sec delay, and even that is annoying for the streamer and viewer.

While waiting for a pause button, this IS a pretty good idea for local recordings though. Makes pauses easier to find and cut and that static image will take next to no space in a VBR file!


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Wow first post in 2013, now April 2016. Signed up to say: Yes please, pause feature. Thanks for the great software but can't use it until this feature is in.


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I registered just to say how badly we need a pause button and that the pause button is a much larger priority than you think. Many people use this program to record gameplay or tutorials, and having to stop your recording every break you take adds so much unnecessary editing into the process. I may be underestimating the difficulty of coding, but I cannot understand why it has taken 3 years to implement such a basic feature that nearly all recording software should be expected to have.


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Except OBS is a streaming software package before it's a recording software package.
If you're already editing, splicing is bordering on zero additional effort.


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As Jim (main developer) already mentioned, it will be added. And Harold is certainly correct, first and foremost OBS was and is a streaming software, so the main focus is on features for this part of the software. With the general complexity of OBS it is also probably not the most simple feature to do. You have to make sure Audio and Video stays in sync, another running encoder is not affected by the pause, timestamps have to fit together, etc..
Personally I cannot wait to see this feature as it would probably allow me to record some of my tutorial videos without even the tiniest edits afterwards for example. At the same time I know the development team is pretty much just Jim, so we will have to wait a bit longer.


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Yea but what if you're streaming a you need to run to the bathroom or you need to take a call you want the viewers listen to private things?