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Strife Scene Switcher 2014-03-28


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whilke submitted a new resource:

Strife Scene Switcher - Automatically switch scenes depending on if you are in the lobby or in a game of Strife

For those of you that are streaming strife, here is a plugin that will automatically switch specified scenes depending on if you are in the lobby, or in a game.

This contains a modified CLRHost plugin, which is backwards compatible with the current release. Just overwrite it if you have it, and you'll be fine.

To configure the plugin once you install it, navigate to the CLRHostPlugin folder and edit...
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Thanks for making this plugin! I stream Strife and would love to make use of it.

The thing is, I don't understand how to edit the ini file. What do the parts before and after the "=" sign mean? Maybe I'm just missing something blindingly obvious. Thanks!


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Just edit the name of the scenes on the right hand side of the "=".

So, create your scenes that you want setup for lobby/game, and maybe one when the game isn't running. Name them, and those names go on the right hand side of the "=" that match up with the event on the left hand side.


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Hello sir,
Could you make any more detailed manual to install this switcher. Im pretty new into this stuff.
Thank you very much.


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It doesn't work for me.

My ini files looks like this:

Lobby="Strife launcher"
Game="Strife game"


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I can't get this to work. It just doesn't switch scenes :/ Running OBS 0.635b, installed into plugins directory replacing:

Edited StrifeSwitcher.ini to reflect my Scenes... and nothing happens. Any idea if this plugin still works?

Edit: I am using CLRbrowser3_repack from nightdev download...


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Good evening everyone, I have a problem with this plugin I can not configure it. The trouble is that on the one scene I use capture game that Second name Strife and the scene I also use 2 game that also captures Second name Strife! I would have wanted to know how to when I'm in the lobby scene 1 is activated and when am in the game (in part) the scene turns 2! In advance thank you shame strife that uses the same name in the lobby and the game itself, it should be like league of legends