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Strife Scene Switcher 2014-03-28

Minimum OBS Version
Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
For those of you that are streaming strife, here is a plugin that will automatically switch specified scenes depending on if you are in the lobby, or in a game.

This contains a modified CLRHost plugin, which is backwards compatible with the current release. Just overwrite it if you have it, and you'll be fine.

To configure the plugin once you install it, navigate to the CLRHostPlugin folder and edit StrifeSwitcher.ini.

It should have three keys for setting a scene in three different scenarios. If any scenario is left blank, it will not switch to a different scene.

NotRunning will trigger if the application is shutdown after it has detected that it was running (it won't trigger this on OBS startup if Strife is not running).

Lobby triggers anytime you are in strife, but not in a game.

Game will trigger as soon the lobby app closes, and the game screen loads.

Note: This will not keep the scene set. It will switch the scene when it detects these game state changes, but after that you are free to change the scene. It will always change the scene if you have it configured whenever it detects that game state change.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated for 0.2.30

    Latest Strife patch for 0.2.30 broke the plugin, and this is the update to fix that.
  2. Fixed link for direct download

    Fixed link for direct download