Question / Help Streaming from VLC application into OBS?


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I would like to build a shell recipe in which the output of the video window is sent into OBS directly.

It is an edge case and I am aware of the OBS "VLC playback" function but it doesn't fully suit my needs in terms of playlist editing and subtitle display. The configuration is also tricky for an end user without training. It would work by starting a regular/plain desktop VLC session (with the typical desktop windows and options) with the video output going to a RTSP endpoint on localhost. VLC has the ability to produce local streams in a few formats, including FLV – but I haven't been able to figure out a method for localhost RTSP with OBS broadcasting to my twitch endpoint.

The VLC command line example page has some hints about how to build such recipes, but numerous tries haven't produced anything stable or working on my end:

For easiest setup, this could be a shell script or oneliner that boots the vlc executable, with the streaming profile enabled already.

NB: My intended use of this is on a Linode VPS that I have set up with the excellent x11vnc Docker image that has so far been very successful at allowing remote access via a NoVNC web interface. My friends can remotely control it with a password and zero config and has made for a couple of very fun watch parties.