Stream shut down after switching scenes


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based on my googling i find out i have some kind of problem with encoder

11:06:51.106: ==== Streaming Start ===============================================
11:06:53.566: User switched to scene 'Plocha CTRL+1'
11:06:53.599: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'simple_aac'] avcodec_encode_audio2 failed: Invalid argument
11:06:53.599: Error encoding with encoder 'simple_aac'
11:06:53.599: [rtmp stream: 'simple_stream'] Encoder error, disconnecting
11:06:53.599: Output 'simple_stream': stopping
11:06:53.599: Output 'simple_stream': Total frames output: 51
11:06:53.599: Output 'simple_stream': Total drawn frames: 115
11:06:53.625: ==== Streaming Stop ================================================

I try to fix FFmpeg by one video, FFmpeg work it self but I still have this problem I need help.
My stream work for few weeks, I try to switch encoder from 264 to Nvenc and this start to happened i switch back to 264 but encoder error every time show up now.


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OK Thanks it works but I will add some thinks that may help other whit installation. If you go to apple iTunes there will be just download by Microsoft store you don't want that. You need to scroll to line saying: Looking for other versions? macos windows
you will click windows and you can now download in the browser. After Download you can even use winRAR