Question / Help Stream failing when switching to live NDI camera


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Hi guys,

We are having a problem when using OBS with an NDI camera source and streaming to Youtube.

We have got a couple of placeholder cards for when we start our stream, i.e. "stream starting soon" "our organisation name - livestream" etc. When we flick through the placeholders the stream holds up fine, but as soon as we switch to our NDI camera source, the streams bitrate will suddenly go to 0, and youtube does not get any encoder signal from OBS. We can then fix it by stopping OBS stream output, closing and reopening OBS and then streaming to the same key again, unfortunately this causes the stream to jump and we cut off the beginning of our stream.

This also seems to be a sporadic issue, it tends to happen every time I restart the mac, however today it happened after many test streams out of the blue, and ruined the start of our livestream.

Any ideas?