Question / Help Stream dropped frames / lower quality


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Hello everyone and thank you in advance for the help.

I used to stream but I stopped for a while but with more free time now, I started back up. I am currently using OBS Studio because I have always used it and in the past, I never had problems. I wouldn't have dropped frames, more than normal artifacts, and the quality has always seem pretty good. Although, since starting back up, I have been getting a decent amount of dropped frames and lower quality. Lower quality as in more artifacts and sometimes when I shoot a gun in Escape from Tarkov as an example, the video will freeze for a moment and the audio out of sync. A couple dropped frames here and there is okay but when I know someone else that never has any dropped frames I want to know what I am doing wrong. I just want a stable stream where it looks half way decent and not a stuttering mess.

I have lowered my bitrate to see if that would do anything which it didn't. I still had dropped frames and never saw an improvement or a downgrade. Just stayed the same for the most part. The range I tried has been 4000-6000.

I have a 1440p monitor and I downscale to 1080p. I haven't tried going to 720 because I prefer not to but I will try 720 to see if that will help.

For FPS, I have tried both 60 and 30 and neither one has helped reduce dropped frames.

Today I streamed and I don't know if this will help but here is a log:

Network Upload Speed: 11Mbps

PC Specs: i9, 2080, 32gb RAM

Once again, thank you to anyone that can help. Cheers!