Stream Crashing Randomly / Periodically throughout broadcast (Logs Attached)


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I have had a major issue with stream recently where my stream will randomly crash, due to unknown issues.

I have used the LogAnalyzer tool and done every single recommended change.

I will attach multiple log files from previous streams, appreciate the help in advance.

- Changing streaming software (used to stream on SLOBS, tried OBS studio and SE.OBS and nothing changed.
- Adjusted / tested different bitrates
- turned on Dynamic bitrate
- Changed / downscaled all graphic settings
- Used TwitchTest to test health and connection to servers, no issues 100% health to Chicago servers


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Try setting 60 fps and stay that way.
Remove any plugin that adds nothing.

Follow recommendation and direction on the analyzer:

Now perform one (just one) stream test of at least 30 seconds doing all what you normally do. Take your time on testing it.

You probably have a bad cable, a cable which isn't the right one (cat6) or a missconfiguration on the network driver. The network driver can be fixed by updating it, or forcing the full GB duplex. The cable, test with another one. Also, change the place where the cable connects into the modem/router.
Once this is check and done, to better understand how healty is your internet connection against twitch servers, use this tool:
Anything bellow 90 quality is bad, and as you already checked that every other step on the connection is fine, the problem most probably will be on the ISP.

When OBS crashes it produce a Crash Report. This is also needed to check what's going on.
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