Stream Alerts not showing on OBS Studio Browser Sources (Both sound and video)

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Hi guys, I’m looking for some help regarding stream alerts not showing up on my OBS Studio Browser Sources (Both sound and video). Any help from an OBS wizard would be amazing because I’ve tried everything I know.

The Alerts were all working fine before, and then just stopped working.. so here’s some things I recently changed that might’ve effected it, but it’s possible they are unrelated:
  • Setup StreamLabs OBS and added a browser source for alerts here (Alerts are working fine on StreamLabs OBS). I set StreamLabs OBS up because I normally stream on Twitch with OBS Studio, but wanted to try out streaming on YT, so instead of changing my stream key in OBS Studio, I just installed StreamLabs OBS and added my YT Stream Key to this.
  • Linked my YouTube account to StreamLabs Dashboard. Both my YT and Twitch alerts are working in StreamLabs OBS, but just nothing on OBS Studio
Things I’ve done to try and fix it:
  • I’ve toggled the ‘Enable Broser Source Hardware Acceleration’ on and off in the OBS Studio Advances settings, but neither on or off fixed my issue.
  • Created a new browser source in OBS Studio and added the Alert Box URL to this, but no luck.
  • I’ve reset my Alert Box URL in StreamLabs Dashboard, but the new link also didn’t fix the issue.
  • I’ve relinked my Twitch account to OBS Studio using a new refreshed Stream Key, but this didn’t work.
  • On StreamLabs Dashboard I’ve switched back and fourth with logging in on my YT and Twitch accounts, but this also hasn’t fixed it.
  • Compared my StreamLabs OBS settings to my OBS Studio settings, but all appears to be the same unless I’m missing something (I noticed there are some extra settings in OBS Studio, but I don’t think I change any of these since it was working previously).
Through all these changes it has been always been working on StreamLabs OBS since I set that up, but just stopped working on OBS Studio, so not sure what’s happening.. Also, weird thing is that my Chat Box browser source from the StreamLabs dashboard is working on OBS Studio, just not the Alert Box Browser Source.

Right now I'm more lost than the UK government, please send help :D


at one point i was sure that this was the resolution but after some testing on my own i am not so sure, however, this did help others that use streamelements overlays. in obs try changing the page permissions in the properties for the browser source.

this at one time appeared to have corrected an issue that i was having with a browser source that i use after the v28 update, but recent testing has proven that it doesn't seem to matter in my case. but like i said, i did offer this advice to someone else using streamelements overlays and it did solve their issue. so i don't know. my sources are all local maybe that makes a difference.

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Thanks mate! I gave this a go with all the options available in the Page Permissions, and I refreshed the cache in the browser source each time I selected a new option, but none of them worked sadly :(

I'm currently using 'Read access to OBS status information' which I believe it was set to before when it was working.. also my Chat Box browser source is set to the same, and that's continued to work the whole time.

Is there an OBS wizard out there that can free me from this nightmare?


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Hey man, I'm having the same problem too. I've tried everything that you have done. I was wondering if you have found a resolution yet?


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I am having the same issues since some weeks ago, but interesting enough, randomly some days they work for some time. I had one stream when they worked in the beginning and in the middle of the stream they stop appearing again.
I did the same tests like others are suggesting with no luck, and also in my case the chat overlay is working fine, so must be somethign only affecting the alerts script.
Some other things I tried ...
I tried to replace the widget url for another page and it works fine, with static content and content with animation.
Tried the widget in its own Scene only with the widget and does not work.
The url works fine if I test in isolation with any other browser.
I tried in an old macbook I have that has OBS 25 (latest version available for that OSX version) and the same scenes are working fine, they are displayed, so I think it can be maybe a problem with the chromium embeded broser engine that OBS has for windows.
I tried to see if there was an alternate browser source provided by someone else using a different engine but could not find anything.
Im still confused about why once it worked for some time (I tried several times enabling and disabling the hardware acceleration that day, eventually it worked without it.. and as I mentioned, in the middle of the stream it stop working, so if there is something affecting it is not a configuraiton change , as I was streaming and recording and just after 30 mins or so it did not work anymore)