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    Disable Web Security on the Browser Source in OBS 27.2.4?

    With the new update to OBS, there has been some security preference that has "turned on" internally for the Browser Source and it is blocked a script that I have running to pull a line of info form the browser. On Windows, the fix is to add "--disable-web-security" in the Target line on an OBS...
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    Scrollbalken im live nicht anzeigen

    Hallo, Ich habe das Problem, das ich eine Browser-Source einblenden möchte, welche ich bereits über einen Scrollbalken steuern kann, jedoch wird dieser in der live Ansicht auch angezeigt... Das Ziel ist es, über den Scrollbalken interagieren zu können, ihn jedoch in der live Ansicht zu...
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    Crash when activating a browser source

    This is a fairly new crash - I have been using this browser source for quite some time and it only recently started crashing OBS. It happens whether I am streaming or not. OBS is running as admin The source is the Streamlabs "Wheel" widget ( Log and crash...
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    Need some help with browser source issues

    Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this problem. I'm helping a friend set up a stream for YouTube where he wants to stream external camera sources. We've set up YT and OBS all ok, but the issue is the cam sources either not staying open or just constantly loading depending on how I try it...
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    Mobile View in Browser Source

    Hello This is my first post - no doubt the first of many I have a Browser Source which by default shows the page in Desktop mode. However, I need to be able to view this in Mobile/Tablet mode. Chrome/Firefox have a toggle button within the Dev tools to allow mobile view - but is there a way...