stream alerts

  1. G

    Stream Elements Alert has no audio.... send help!

    I inserted the browser link source from the alert url from StreamElements. After I inserted it, I tried to test it. I can hear and see the alert but the viewer can't hear the audio at all. Also worse, there's no checkbox icon for enabling 'monitor sound on OBS' on the browser source OBS setting...
  2. Toasty5000

    OBS Ver 28.1.2 Alert Box Widget Not Working In Streamlabs Bot

    Hello! I have an issue on OBS ver 28.1.2 for streamlabs alert box not showing up. I have deleted and re-added in but the strange thing is it works in the browser but on OBS. Is there a solution that I fix in my settings? More information in the video:
  3. AOD Gaming

    Stream Alerts not showing on OBS Studio Browser Sources (Both sound and video)

    Hi guys, I’m looking for some help regarding stream alerts not showing up on my OBS Studio Browser Sources (Both sound and video). Any help from an OBS wizard would be amazing because I’ve tried everything I know. The Alerts were all working fine before, and then just stopped working.. so...