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I think this may be causing a form of memory leak or something- Ever since I installed it, I've been experiencing severe crashes if OBS is open for any period of time- (not nessicary recording or streaming, simply open). I'd really appreciate if someone would be willing to help discuss and look into this with me, and if there's anything I can provide to help, please let me know. Thank you.


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Sadly, I cannot- these crashes get my entire PC, not just OBS- so there's no chance for it to create any log file

When I experience a crash; all of my monitors flick to black for serval seconds moment, I hear a couple "Disconnecting" then "reconnecting" sfx (as if removing and reinserting a USB), then after roughly 10 seconds, my monitors return, but everything is frozen and I cannot input anything, not even audio (eg, talking into a mic for a discord call). I will still hear sounds from the PC for about 15 seconds- until everything locks and I'm forced to hit the power button.

I originally thought it was a video driver issue, but I've run DDU and done clean installs- trying Nvidia's "Game" and "Studio" driver builds respectively.


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I've noticed on the latest OBS update (29.1.0) when moving between scene collections that if a source clone has the same name it will add a 2 to the end of the name. Has anyone else had this issue? I went back to 29.0.2 and the issue is gone. However, if I go to the advanced audio properties, there is still an instance of the source clone from the previous scene collection showing. Not sure if this is a bug or not but wanted to ask.


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Looks like the Source Clone does not play together with your Move Transition plugin. When switching from scene1 to scene2, where both have the same scene, the Move Animation only works when using the original Scene Element. If scene1 is using "orignal_scene" and scene2 using your clone elment also namend "original_scene clone", Animation is not "transitioned".


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Hey there, Exeldro!

So, I'm currently in the middle of freeing my OBS profile from anything and everything StreamFX now that you've been putting out plugins that greatly resemble its features.

I have a few special use-cases here for Source Clone, and I've encountered an issue.

So, one thing I did enjoy about StreamFX was that, unlike an Embedded Scene, Source Mirror (StreamFX) would maintain the quality of all assets within a Mirrored Scene when scaling up the Mirror.

Source Clone seems to lack this.

So, for instance...

- Scene 1 contains a scaled-down instance of my Web Cam on the bottom right corner.
- Scene 2 contains a Source Clone of Scene 1
- In Scene 2, I use your Move Source plugin to manipulate the Source Clone of Scene 1 to zoom into the camera. In doing so, the camera's quality is completely butchered.

I don't know if this makes sense, but StreamFX would maintain the original quality of my camera even in the Mirror so that when it was zoomed into, the camera/game cap/whatever maintained its quality.

You may be asking, "why not just do all this in Scene 1?". Good question, but again I have a special use-case where a particular sequence of events requires this setup, and I don't wanna blow up this post trying to explain it haha!
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@IGA when you set Video Buffer to None you should have what you are asking for.
Oh, wow, wait. That DOES work, however it ONLY works if I do not apply a crop (Alt+Left Click on borders of Source) to the Source Clone.

It completely slipped my mind, but that's exactly how StreamFX's Source Mirror worked as well. Thank you for jogging my memory!

Out of curiosity, why is clarity removed if the Clone/Mirror is manually cropped at all?


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the cloned source is replicating the filter from the original source ...
obs 29.0.2
last version of the source clone
not sure why

I guess I use it the wrong way !! I get it now