Question / Help [SOLVED] OBS 22.0.2 Browser Source not functioning (grey/blank screen)


Been pounding my head against this one for a few hours. I cannot seem to get the browser source to display any content, not even with the default settings when creating a new source- just a grey/blank screen.

OBS Browser Issue.png

Wiped OBS and downloaded the latest version, tried triggering the hardware acceleration on/off. No luck in any version I've tried in fact. Seems that all the "fix tutorials" out there for browser source were for older versions of OBS where the browser plugin needed to be added manually at install, but my problem has not been it failing to show up in the source list, but rather the source itself just not displaying anything inside the source. Not many resources for troubleshooting 22.0.2 yet.

Wondering if something else is blocking access and not sure how to decipher the logs as it seems to be reporting multiple issues? I'm on a Windows 10 desktop.
Would love some advice, thank you!


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Also not sure if it's related at all, but I discovered a similar issue when trying to create a window capture as a source as well; black screen and no content is being displayed.

Ok so I am setting this up on a friend's computer and I was just not familiar with their computer's setup. Turns out it was a simple firewall issue! Window's firewall auto-blocked OBS access to the net. Allowed it through and poof! Magic!

(However the window capture is still not functioning, but desktop capture is so that will work great for my purposes.)
I've been having the same issue, black window even when pasting the browser page link. the post says solved but nothing here gives any real advice on how to view a browser within OBS for livestream. Its actually quite frustrating. I too removed then reinstalled OBS to no avail. Please help I have a livestream to do tonight and need to show a webpage. Thanks ~Karen
"Settings" -> "Advanced" -> "Sources" -> "Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration"
I have that already enabled so its not that causing the issues, thanks anyway. I can't understand why the screen is black even if I select display capture its just a black square.
I think his point was to uncheck that.
Okay I'll give it a try....Okay whilst I was able to get the browser the Display Capture which I would use or Game Capture show as black squares. I get the same issue when trying Windows Capture.
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For AMD processor who using Radeon GPU type:

open AMD Radeon Settings > System > Switchable Graphics

if you see program named "obs64.exe" and "obs-browser-page.exe" in Recent Applications, change the profile type to "Power Saving"

* Radeon Adrenaline 19.1.1
** OBS 64bit
I am using window 10 Home, DELL NB. Same issue where browser didn't produce anything. My SOLUTION is as follows and it works:

1. In OBS application select 'SETTING'
2. Choose 'ADVANCED' and scroll to 'SOURCES' parameter
The last field in the settings for the browser source has some custom css in it. I unchecked the box as discussed above and removed the css from the 'Custom CSS' which was telling it to be a black screen. The browser content now shows up for me.
Update - After I removed the CSS form the 'Custom CSS' field in the browser source window, I was only recording a green screen.
Solution - Check the Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration check box.
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