Question / Help [Solved] Audio issue after switching from windows 7 to windows 10

Have this issue for a long time, now decide to posted after search without results. When using obs studio on windows 7(video: ), all audio what i record same what i hear in my headphones and everything good, but when i trying to switch to windows 10(video: ) and start using obs studio and stream, have a drop in audio quality from desktop/games, everything.
I attached both log files in discription. My opinion there is some issue in interaction of windows 10/realtek drivers/motherboard sound(msi z77a-g43)
Because of that issue can't switch from windows 7 to windows 10. Really hope people will help to find solution


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UPD: Resolved this problem. Tried to install 3rd party program voicemeter banana + voicemeter audiocable. Setup it for obs. And seems sound from my desktop have now same quality as i hear it. Anyway it's a bad sign that i need to use extra programms to correct capture of my desktop audio.
My thoughts: so what i think is, when i tried to capture my audio straight through obs it's for some reason converted to 44k instead of having 48k and destroyed audio quality of recording. Even if i setup in my drivers/obs/windows to 48k hz 24bit, still get worse quality then with capture throught voicemeter.
If anybody will find out other less difficult solution with same problem, please reply to this thread.
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