Skipped frames due to encoding lag (not in game) - FIX


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Hey everyone,
I wanted to put this out there because I was having major issues trying to record. My recording would have these frequent and random skipped frames and then go back to normal. I tried everything that was being recommended to me and still nothing.
However, I had my recording path saved to my SSD on my C drive (thinking that it would be the best place), this was what people were recommending. Turns out that having it saved on the directory drive was causing the majority of the issues (assuming that the C drive SSD was being overworked).

I changed the path to my secondary SSD drive (on the D drive). This fixed my issue and in fact, I am able to record at an even better quality than before!

Hope this helps someone <3

P.S My streams were completely fine and so the fact that my recordings were not indicated to me that it was a storage issue!

EDIT: This is assuming that your CPU and GPU aren't being maxed out while recording...