Scoreboard+ (Windows) (macOS)

Free Scoreboard+ (Windows) (macOS) 1.8.1


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Thank-you - this is a great little program,
also the source code has made it doubly good for me.
I have customized this for the Northern Rugby Union live streams, made it idiot proof.
I've now customized it for Sail Boat match racing.

With a few drop downs and buttons added and removed.

I doubt any one will want my versions - the're pretty specific, but I've extened the XML and there's some pretty java script and graphics on all of them which others may find useful. my builds and Source are here:


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Is there a version of this scoreboard that includes balls and strikes for baseball/softball game, as well as maybe a way to modify it to work for set and match scores in volleyball? This is an awesome scoreboard for football and basketball, but not all sports use this format for scoring. Is there a way to re-design it to make it compatible for all sports?


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If you're still working on this program, I'd love to see two additional timers.

Ice hockey penalties are linked to the game clock, starting and stopping with it. If that could be added, with the additions .txt files, that would be fantastic!

Thanks for your efforts! This is a wonderfully useful program for my streams.


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Could you look at adding penalty timers? I'd like to use this app for hockey games, which use 2 penalty timers per team and 3 penalty styles (2 min, 2+2 min and 5min). Penalty countdowns would need to start/stop with game clock. Thanks!