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Pretty new to OBS and I have almost zero knowledge of programming languages. I've searched, but haven't come up with a solution to my issue. I work in college athletics, and would like to add a scoreboard to our live broadcasts using the XML file generated from our Stat Crew programs. I'm using a Macbook Pro to stream...any ideas?

Sample XML (Baseball/Softball):
<bsgame source="TAS Baseball/Softball" version="5.17.00" generated="4/9/2019">
  <venue gameid="SB0409-1"
           visid="IUP-S" homeid="SHU-S" visname="Indiana (PA)" homename="Seton Hill"
           date="4/9/2019" location="Greensburg, PA" stadium="" duration="" attend="0"
           leaguegame="N" start="3:00 PM" dhgame="1" schedinn="7"
           weather="sunny and warm">
      <note text="Weather: sunny and warm"></note>
      <note text="Game: livegame"></note>
    <rules batters="9,9" usedh="Y"></rules>
  <team vh="V" id="IUP-S" name="Indiana (PA)" code="IUP-S">
    <linescore line="0,0,0,0,1,1,3" runs="5" hits="9" errs="2" lob="7">

I'd like to display /bsgame/team/linescore/@runs

What I've tried:
- Creating an HTML file populated with data from the local XML file. This has proved to be difficult as I can't seem to display local XML data on a local HTML file (for some reason).

My Thoughts:
- My thoughts were to create a python script to display the data that I need starting with the basics like score. But, I don't know if that's the right direction.
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