1. discorny

    OBS Python XML Data Bridge 0.6

    Modified from Jim's url-text.py I am not a programmer, so use at your own risk. I hacked this together one day because I needed to get data from a Sportzcast Scorebot into OBS. This uses the XML file created by Sportzcast's LiveXML software and other sources and looks for text sources with names...
  2. L

    Question / Help OBS RSS Feeds

    Howdy. First timer here.I am trying to use an rss feed to update a ticker on my live stream. I installed the xmlreader2016.exe file and entered my rss url but I get an error shown in the attachment. Afterwards I try to add the ticker.lua script and I get this...
  3. D

    Question / Help Scoreboard Using Stat Crew XML File

    Pretty new to OBS and I have almost zero knowledge of programming languages. I've searched, but haven't come up with a solution to my issue. I work in college athletics, and would like to add a scoreboard to our live broadcasts using the XML file generated from our Stat Crew programs. I'm using...