Question / Help Scenes and Audio Input Devices For DJ


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If I set up multiple scenes in OBS for a DJ livestream I am doing, should I make sure the mixer which is supplying the audio is loaded into every scene.

For example, if the mixer is in Scene 1 but not in Scene 2, when I switch to Scene 2 mid-streaming session, will the audio just cut out.

Should I have my audio input device (my DJ mixer) in all scenes that I plan to use in my streaming session?

Lastly, depending on the answers above, when I switch scenes while djing will it cut out the music or will it sound continuous?

Appreciate the advice.


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Audio devices added as sources directly to scenes only appear in the scenes in which they exist in the source pane. So yes, if you transition to a scene that does not include that source, that source will stop.

Audio devices configured in Settings > Audio will appear in all scenes.

You can add an existing source to a scene; when adding a new one you will be prompted whether it is new or existing. You can also copy sources from one scene to another, or embed entire scenes in other scenes.

If you transition between scenes that both contain the same audio source that source will play uninterrupted.