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    Audio cuts out at approx. 50 - 60 mins. Record and stream

    Hi, I'm using OBS to stream and record DJ sets using Rekordbox and a DDJ-FLX4. the FLX4 is outputting audio to Master + Blackhole (2 ch., virtual sound card) so the headphone feed is not picked up by OBS. Everything's working, except the audio cuts out while recording at around the 50 - 60...
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    Broadcast Audio Quality difference

    When I record a few minutes locally and listen to the audio quality it sounds fine, but then when I broadcast to twitch there is something that is causing the audio to sound muffled or has a lot of static. Using a behringer UFO202 to capture the audio on my iMac. Have tested broadcasting to...
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    SOS! Buzzing Sound Won't Go Away No Matter What I Do

    Hey! I started using OBS Studio a while back to stream my DJ sets. I have a DDJ400 and its outputs are 2 RCA cables. I first was sticking this into a TRRS adapter and then into a Lenovo dock I had. It worked in OBS but getting OBS to recognize the dock would sometimes take up to an hour of...
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    Switching Dj Controllers - No Audio

    Hello all, I have been using OBS since March with a Pioneer DDJ-SX with no issues. I recently bought a brand new controller (DDJ-SZ2) and when I did my first live stream with this new controller the audio on the OBS was not working (I noticed after, that I had the AUDIO settings set for the...
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    Shazam type plugin for OBS?

    Not sure if this is the correct spot for this request or if this even exists in the world of OBS plugins. Here is the situation. Currently using OBS to stream my live DJ sets to Twitch. Not using Spotify or any apps like it. I am using direct audio to OBS from via an audio interface. Booth...
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    Question / Help Scenes and Audio Input Devices For DJ

    If I set up multiple scenes in OBS for a DJ livestream I am doing, should I make sure the mixer which is supplying the audio is loaded into every scene. For example, if the mixer is in Scene 1 but not in Scene 2, when I switch to Scene 2 mid-streaming session, will the audio just cut out...
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    Question / Help obs & native instrument audio 4 dj

    hello i just installed obs to make dj sets on facebook live, obs sees the sound card, but nothing comes out ... has someone already tried this kind of configuration?