Shazam type plugin for OBS?


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Not sure if this is the correct spot for this request or if this even exists in the world of OBS plugins.

Here is the situation.

Currently using OBS to stream my live DJ sets to Twitch. Not using Spotify or any apps like it.

I am using direct audio to OBS from via an audio interface. Booth out audio>Audio Interface>Computer with OBS

Question: Is there a plugin that will "Shazam" the current song being played and display the information to OBS?

Shazam meaning the app on your phone that will listen to a song on the radio and give you the information of the song being played.

Hope this makes sense. If this is in the wrong section, please let me know where I should post.

Thank you


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Same here, I started to DJ Live on Twitch and music recognizer would be helpful, I don't think it needs much codes since it can easy be using some open source recognizer.

That would solve everyone's problems and there would not need to have any other plugin, just this one for all sources and only 1 plugin for all music.

I support this post!

Dave Verney

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Hi everyone, just following on with this thread, I play live sets, (not recorded) on Mix-cloud and would love a Shazam type record and artist scroll at the bottom of my pages. Anything out there??