Question / Help Scene timer when start recording and switch to next scene possible?


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Hi together!
I already searched the forum but I only found information about "countdown" tools / Plugins - but this is not what I want...

I would like to have following:

when I press the recording button I would like to start with a scene /picture for couple of seconds (1-3 seconds)
and then AUTOMATICALLY (not press any button)
after this time switch to the next scene with a webcam....

At the moment I switch between the scenes with a hotkey - but I dont like this because the timing is not always right..

Hope you can help me.

Many thanks!


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Hi Narcogen, thanks for the link and information!
I have seen this - but was not shure if I can install this easyly - I will try!


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Hope you can help me... I have downloaded the file - and in the installation information it is listed following:

Installation MacOS:

  1. Extract the folder
  2. Open the MacOS folder
  3. Rigth click the OBS application and choose "Show Package Contents".
  4. Copy the file to Contents/Resources/obs-plugins.
  5. Make sure to remove any previous versions of the plugin (called
  6. Configure the settings (see next section)

    but I cannot find a file which is named ?

    Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-03 um 15.25.31.png


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You've downloaded the source code and not the plugin itself.

Click the download button at the upper right of this page. That will be a .zip file that includes
Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 12.24.26 PM.png


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OMG! Understood - I have downloaded this file directly from github and didnt understand that the download was under the link on THIS page... sorry.. and many many thanks!