Scene Collections keep shutting down


New Member
So I have a mine scene collection which I use for streaming, its nicely set up and perfect, however whenever I make a new scene collection it forces my OBS to shut down. It last roughly 13 min before OBS closes itself, it doesn't class it as a crash so I get no report, and its happened with multiple new scene collections I've made. Sometimes it won't even let me switch to the new scene sometimes, it will just shut off. Deleting my main scene doesn't fix the issue, simply changes the scene that functions and makes all others shut down.

If its just impossible to have multiple scene collections then please let me know, but if I am able to make multiple scene collections then I should be able to swap between them and use them no issue otherwise the feature is useless. I have uninstalled and reinstalled OBS, the only plugin I have installed is win-capture audio which I don't think should be causing any issues. It can't be the scenes themselves as removing which ever one is working makes a different one start working (A works but B and C don't, removing A makes B work but C still doesn't, removing B would make C work but D wouldn't)

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it I would really appreciate it <3