obs 29

  1. I

    OBS Built-in sound indicator when going live or recording?

    Indicator examples: 1- Clear sound when pressing Start/Stop. "Optional can be toggled on/off" 2- Red dot icon on screen overlay "Won't be visible on your video or live stream", "Optional can be toggled on/off" I am so surprised this is not a thing in OBS it's super useful, This is the only...
  2. AceOfJ

    Scene Collections keep shutting down

    So I have a mine scene collection which I use for streaming, its nicely set up and perfect, however whenever I make a new scene collection it forces my OBS to shut down. It last roughly 13 min before OBS closes itself, it doesn't class it as a crash so I get no report, and its happened with...
  3. U

    OBS stuck on minimized state (Macbook Air 2017 - Monterey 12.6.3 - OBS 29.0.2)

    Hello everyone My OBS suddenly stuck in the minimized state and cannot go back uniminized. The problem is that the app is not even registered as active (it's not shown when you alt+tab, and even not shown when you try to force quit), but it is actually running on the background. Also, it shown...
  4. G

    Curved filter?

    Hello, im looking for a filter which can transform my browersource or my camsource into a curved effect like my monitor or a tv screen. i want to simulate a kind of 3d effect on my cam or my pause stream for highlight videos and youtube videos. does anybody know a good shader filter for this...
  5. henRYANand

    Layout resets everytime I restart

    Hey there everyone, Just recently I came across a really weird bug: Whenever I launch my OBS in admin mode, everything is fine. But when I launch OBS without admin, my entire layout is reset every time I restart obs. Like for instance: If I launch OBS without admin, add an image source, and...
  6. K

    OBS asking to upgrade NVIDIA Video & Audio SDK when I have an AMD Graphics Card

    So I recently swapped out my old GTX 1050 TI for an RX 580, and before I updated my OBS to version 29 noise suppression was working perfectly fine. I was using RNNoise for my noise suppression and even if I pick Speex it still says "Warning: Please upgrade both NVIDIA Video& Audio SDK. Your...
  7. CGGuitar

    OBS v29 Virtual Cam not working with Zoom 5.13.4

    Hey guys, Virtual Cam on OBS isn't working anymore with Zoom. Can anyone help?? I've attached a screenshot of what the OBS virtual camera looks like when turning it on to use in Zoom meeting. Is this a bug in the new version of OBS. Using OBS v29 and Zoom v5.13.4 Cheers, Charlie