Recursion Effect

Recursion Effect 0.1.0

Hey there, I've been using the recursion effect plugin for a while. I occasionally get a ghost frame from the previous loop and was wondering if there's a fix for that. Here's my settings, I'm wondering if it's because I'm using it inversed? I would like to have the loop reset every time the filter is hidden.


Here's a YT video of the ghost frame happening that I'm talking about.


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Great plugin!
@Exeldro Any chance you could add in an 'Longevity' option which controls how long each delay stays on screen?
For example Longevity = 500ms could mean the effect for each delay is only active for 500ms before fading away.


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This is my favorite plugin! I wish i had more fidelity, could you please release a version with more decimal places and a higher offset possible than 999? I even tried to learn how to write plugins to alter it but gosh I got lost.
Thanks so much


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Can't get this to do anything,, win11 latest OBS, I can set it as a filter, with 2nd filter chroma key to show my head keyed against black,. but when I change its Settings I get absolutely no effect, except when I check Invert I get a frozen image.. I watched the instruction video on your OBS Filter download page and think I followed along but get no delayed images appearing within the keyed out area. I also tried duplicating the exact settings in the screenshot in the May 18 2022 post above, which for me just creates a frozen image of my head. . This is my 1st day trying to use plugins and mu filters experience is limited though previously has worked, so presumably I'm doing something wrong so obvious the instruction video doesn't even mention it. But what?
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OK found my problem, I applied the filter to the video source, it needs to be applied to the Scene. Even having determined the problem reviewing the instruction video I can't detect that it's being applied to a scene rather than a Source, the only clue being Scene Filter popups have one box on the left as in the video and Source filter popups have 2... oh well, at least now I know for some reason a fileer applied to a Source, acts differently from a filter applied to a Scene containing only that Source.
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I have an issue I might need some help with. I'm using recursion effect with color correction (for opacity) and I always have to toggle the color correction filter off and back on for the effect to work. I've googled around to try and figure out what I'm doing wrong (or even if what I'm doing only accidentally works), but I can't seem to find anyone doing anything similar.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think I had this working without any sort of a workaround pre-OBS Studio 28.

OBS-RE-1.png OBS-RE-2.png OBS-RE-3.png OBS-RE-Settings.png


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Hi, I downloaded and installed 0.1.0 of the Recursion Effect filter, restarted my iMac M3 (24GB Ram, Sonoma 14.2.1) and applied the filter to my FaceTime HD Camera video feed, but, nothing happens. If I check the Inversed checkbox, my video shows a short loop over and over, so, it appears to somewhat work. I installed the arm64 version on my iMac, I believe that's the right version. Here a log file if that helps:

Anything else I can try to get it working? Thanks!


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@tomwho for this effect to work the source you add the filter to needs to have transparent parts for example by using a greenscreen and applying chroma keying before this filter. Also you need to add a change to the scale, position or rotation otherwise all copies will be directly behind the front one.