Question / Help Recording issues, with artifacts.


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Hi, I have just got into recording. I am not sure how to properly record things without artifacts on recording( i dont see issues during recording).
First here is my machine specs,.
Ryzen 3600 cpu, 16 gb ddr4 3000 ram, gtx 1080 gpu, logitec stream pro webcam, blue yeti mic, lots of hard drive space, ( i do not have a caputure card and not sure if i needed one even to record) an MSI 144 hz 1080p monitor( and a generic second 1080p monitor)

Even if i record screen only and web cam overlay, when i see the recorded bit, even if i scrolled down in a web page during recording, it gets artifacted visually until i stopped scrolling. I see the same for fortnite gameplay capture. ( when im moving its low quality but when i stop its back at the good quality, in the recording)

I am not sure why, I am monitoring with task manager and the CPU is never above 60%, but the GPU is at 99% when gaming, just not when screen capture recording.

Can anyone tell me why, and I will appreciate the help!!! Please and thank you!!!!!