Recording Darkness Issue


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I am having the issue that the color balance that when I watch back my games, the dark moments are way too dark, but the footage looks good when its day time (games in reference are DayZ and Ark). I have read a couple forums of fixes, but they all seemed like blanket fixes that would potentially fix the night time as well as wash the day time quality (which is why I haven't just cranked the gamma). My settings of the spots I've seen mentioned to fix are as follows:

Encoder = NVENC H.264
Rate Control = CQP
CQ Level = 20
Preset = Quality
Profile = High

Renderer = Direct3D 11
Format = NV12
Color Space = 709
Color Range = Full

I also have a Color Correction filter on the visuals, but I've tested turning it off and all it does is make the day time look less vibrant and the night is still super dark. Open to any and all suggestions on what I should try, also wouldn't be opposed to a way to fix in post if that's what it takes.


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Swap back to the default Partial color range unless you have a full-RGB workflow pipeline all the way through. Range mismatch can very, VERY commonly cause too-dark problems.

If your system supports HDR, you need to turn it OFF at the OS level. OBS does not support HDR handling, and the most common presentation is too-dark/too-light/washed-out/color-skew issues.

Beyond that, we can't really advise as a logfile from a streaming/recording session was not included. We really do need one to provide accurate assistance, why there's a reminder to include one when creating any new post in the Support section.


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I’ll run some tests on the things you suggested.

Where do I find a logfile? And I didn’t see any reminder unless you’re referring to the button that says “attach files”