1. P

    Recording Darkness Issue

    I am having the issue that the color balance that when I watch back my games, the dark moments are way too dark, but the footage looks good when its day time (games in reference are DayZ and Ark). I have read a couple forums of fixes, but they all seemed like blanket fixes that would potentially...
  2. C

    Preview Gamma

    Slider: 0 (Default),1...5. Compensates for poor monitor image. Thank you
  3. Steve Seguin

    Non-OBS Script Online Color Correcting LUT maker 2019.10.25

    Using the provided free web tool, and freely obtainable Color Samples (via a local paint shop), you can create Colour Correcting LUTs for OBS. Works with any camera. I also provided a video walk-thru on how to use the software and created LUTs. The software is free and open-source, so I welcome...