dark footage

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    Fixed my problem but need explanation

    Hi, I had problem with OBS, it recorded way too dark color saturation either in sdr or hdr. And it was only noticeable when playing the recording and not in the preview window. I tried a lot of thing from testing a lot of codec with a lot of encoder and all of the colorspace options. The...
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    Recording Darkness Issue

    I am having the issue that the color balance that when I watch back my games, the dark moments are way too dark, but the footage looks good when its day time (games in reference are DayZ and Ark). I have read a couple forums of fixes, but they all seemed like blanket fixes that would potentially...
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    Blur and Dark Streaming

    I was trying stream using obs, but while streaming the game work so smooth but the stream is blur and little bit darker than the game ,its blur even at 6000Kbps Bitrate while streaming at 1080p60fps. There is no frame drop while streaming . I tried sharp and color filter but still its not...
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    Question / Help colorless or dark color or pale color when i record old games on windows 10 using obs

    Hi , so i have been facing this issue when i was trying to record ubersoldier game with obs. It was recording but the recorded color seemed quite dark or pale in nature than the actual game color. I tried to change the color palette from partial to full , full to partial in obs. I tried to...
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    Question / Help Saved Recorded videos are really dark, but the games and the preview look fine.

    So when i try to record whatever and then i save it the footage looks really dark but when i see the preview while recording it looks completely fine. Not a filter problem i checked, the filter adds on top of the dark video which seems to be a default option. but i can't find where it is...