Question / Help recommended secondary hard drive speed?


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So I record and do youtube all from my laptop which isn't too strong but it's not weak. Its the $600 acer aspire e15. Well I heard that recording to a secondary hard drive is better than recording to the same drive as C:\ since the drive then has to read and write the program your running as well as the recording. So I'm thinking of getting a secondary internal hard drive for my laptop(it has a 2.5 inch bay. Any recommendations?) The c drive is a m.2 ssd with only 256 gb. I'm planning on getting a 1 TB 72000 rpm. Would that be fast enough. Going to record regular vids and streams of me animating/doing art and once in a while a game or two. So 1080 p and mostly 24 fps but for games 60.


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You can record to C: perfectly fine, especially if C: is a SSD. But since your C: is somewhat small, it's a good idea to get an additional drive and record to that. About any drive will do. A 1 TB 7200 rpm drive will be fast enough for regular recordings.


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To put things into perspective, even if we're talking external drives, and even still if we're talking about USB2.0, most hard drives are going to saturate the USB2.0 bandwidth limitation. So, that's 480mbps rated, realistically 250mbps for 100% reliable real-world transfer rate.

Now compare that number to encoding bitrate. That's 250,000kbps, which is essentially imperceptibly lossless for 4k encoding.

You don't need to worry about transfer speeds.