Recently getting dropped frames when it was fine before


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hey! ill try make this short and simple
just very recently i started streaming and for a while, it was going completely fine! i was streaming at 1080p60 with no issues with performance or connection, but recently ive been getting a lot of issues with dropped frames

ill be honest im not very educated on the subject so i'll try to explain as good as i can
so at seemingly random points, my stream will completely stop for a good few seconds, and sometimes end the stream completely, the thing in the bottom right will go red and say 0 kb/s and around 20 seconds later it returns, sometimes it will give me a notification saying "disconnected" "reconnected" etc.

ive tried a lot of things like updating my graphics drivers, updating obs, changing settings and recently changed my resolution and frames to 720p30, and even with all of that, it still does it

i've asked the question on reddit and people sent solutions but they didnt really work either, ever since it started, i have changed basically nothing about my setup so i have no idea why this could be happening, ive been enjoying streaming but being honest this has been ruining it for me :(

if anyone needs any extra info from me to help with my problem i will gladly give you info, i could list any info here like specs etc, but im not even sure what would be useful in this situation, im lost