Questions concerning USB mixers and OBS i/o and Monitoring

Hi all,

So I’ve used OBS for a while for a couple different applications (using OBS for graphics and streaming live sports [audio mixing/processing and camera switching were taken care of on different rigs] and for streaming film festival content) but I have gotten stuck on one issue that I’ve been asked to work on.

Im trying to use one of the Behringer Xenyx USB mixers to handle the audio for our venue, and output the main mix to OBS (this I know works), but I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible and how to route OBS main audio mix back down the USB line to the mixer to route it into the control room feed to send it to our in ear monitors.

From what I have read online, there are complications concerning the monitor features on OBS.

An example of what we are trying to accomplish: when a video source is played on OBS, the talent (who can’t see OBS) are able to hear the video’s audio so they know when to stop or start talking.

thanks in advance, sry for formatting, written on mobile.

- ConfusedEngineer