audio mixer problems

  1. R

    Broken OBS/Windows Mixer

    I have an Problem with the Desktop-Audio Mixer I upgraded my system and freshly installed obs on my new PC. After I set up everything, I noticed when I turn the volume of OBS Studio/obs64 in the Windows Audio Mixer down to like 50%, my Desktop-Audio output inside OBS drops also to 50%. On my...
  2. gmoneyhoney

    Missing desktop audio in audio mixer

    Very frustrated!!!
  3. C

    Audio Mixer Missing

    When I go into OBS my audio mixer does not show. When I make sources and displays it still does not come up. I ask that you give my support in my problem. Thank you.
  4. C

    Questions concerning USB mixers and OBS i/o and Monitoring

    Hi all, So I’ve used OBS for a while for a couple different applications (using OBS for graphics and streaming live sports [audio mixing/processing and camera switching were taken care of on different rigs] and for streaming film festival content) but I have gotten stuck on one issue that I’ve...
  5. H

    Question / Help Microphone is recording desktop audio

    I've been trying to figure out this problem for a while now and no thread I've seen so far has helped at all. Basically, I use OBS strictly to record audio but whenever sound is picked up on the desktop channel, it gets recorded through my mic as well. When I'm in voice calls, people can't hear...