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I sincerely hope you guys can help me because I'm stuck and I can't seem to find an answer to my problem.

I just changed my computer from
a 4770k 16gb DDR3 on which I was streaming at : 720p60fps FAST preset
a Ryzen 3800x 32Gb DDR4 and i've tried streaming at 900p60fps MEDIUM preset (to get a better quality) but somehow the quality is even worse than before on the old CPU. I thought it was a driver problem so I did a full re-install of windows, clean slate. But nope, the quality is still pretty shitty.

my presets are as follows :
2 frame interval
cpu usage : medium
profile : high
tune : (none)

If you guys get me out of this pickle it would be amazing.



please read pinned posts they say provide a logfile

Please try to include a recording/streaming session when you experience problems while streaming or recording,
as OBS only writes important performance data during recording or streaming sessions.

If you have solved your problem yourself, please let the others know how you did it If someone else has the same problem,
he will find your post, read it through, is no step closer to solving it, and has wasted some time.


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If you're only upgrading your CPU, you could probably go from 720p60 Fast to 720p60 Medium at the same bitrate and get better quality.

I'm not sure that the increase to Medium, even if your CPU can do it (not sure you can given the small amount of encoding lag in the log) can compensate for trying to push more pixels without any more bandwidth.

I'd either go 900p60 Fast or 720p60 medium-- or whatever the slowest preset you can hold is. There's no substitute for bitrate, though.


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Hello after a few days of setting everything back-up after a full re-install of windows and everything on it, i'm back.

my streaming quality is still bad with fairly standard settings, someone on the twitch partner discord told me that there was a discussion about the ryzen 3000x series on the discord. Clearly something is not working properly like it should. Have you guys heard of something along about that? I've been streaming for 7 years and this is the first time I have this kind of problem.

Here's a clip from one of my last streams (my apologies it's in french but the content itself is irrelevant, the stream quality is the focus)

This is 900p60 medium 8000kbps (cpu running at 30%, fine)

Edit/update: i've tried a few settings with trellis=2 and trellis=1 and trellis=0 as x264 options because people on the discord have told me that there's an issue between amd and the x264 video encoder with that particular settings, still no progress tho.

edit²/update²: i've even tried vMix it's the same.
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