stream quality

  1. M

    no matter what settings i change my stream quality looks terrible when movement happens

    hi so i stream black desert online and there's a decent number of effects going off and camera movement. But there are streamers like Choice who stream at 1080p and their gameplay maintains pretty good quality (well above mine) when fighting a lot of people and effects and movement etc is all...
  2. Twepz1

    pixel stream quality

    Hello, i am really new to the forum and things but whenever i google my problem it sends to this site, but since i couldn't find solution for myself posting a post, i was trying to stream on Twitch while the picture on the stream was very blurry and pixelized.
  3. AngryAndy

    Question / Help My stream quality is bad (grainy and pixelated) changing settings makes no differences

    I recently started streaming on Youtube from a PC and after a few streams I noticed my livestream quality is abysmal. My CPU and GPU specs are great (Ryzen 9 and MSI Geforce GTX 1660) so I doubt its a problem with my PC, which handles my games on High->Ultra settings and I notice no drop in...
  4. J

    Question / Help Quality issue with r3800x

    Hello, I sincerely hope you guys can help me because I'm stuck and I can't seem to find an answer to my problem. I just changed my computer from a 4770k 16gb DDR3 on which I was streaming at : 720p60fps FAST preset to a Ryzen 3800x 32Gb DDR4 and i've tried streaming at 900p60fps MEDIUM preset...
  5. Bèta Wolf

    Question / Help [Streaming] Need a little help with settings

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to figure out which settings I can use for each game. I want a very high quality and good performance. If I stream Modern Combat Versus, it's going pretty well. If I stream CSGO, it's going a bit less. Maybe some people can help me what I need to change in the...
  6. C

    Question / Help NVENC - what has the most effect on quality?

    So, I have an Nvidia Titan Black Graphics card, which is why I use the NVENC encoder. I went off of this video guide here for quality settings, and it gave me pretty satisfactory results: however, I wanted to push the quality a bit further from what...
  7. D

    Question / Help Stream freezing/buffering/lagging

    My stream looks fine in OBS, I get no notifications or dropped frames, but when I look at my stream from the second monitor and my phone the stream is just freezing when I go fullscreen in maximum 30 seconds or if I don't go in fullscreen it's still freezing but later and I need to refresh the...
  8. F

    Question / Help Improving quality of quicksync stream...

    Currently I have it on about 3000 bitrate but it still looks pixellated. I understand that quicksync isn't normally high quality but it's just so blurry right now and I can't stand it. Here's a log: Thanks!
  9. I

    Question / Help Stream 1080P 60FPS

    Hi, I'd like to stream at 1080P 60fps but when I am trying to, my cpu hit 100%,so I am wondering what's the best settings on obs to do it. spec : Intel core i7 8086K gtx 1070 aero 16 go ram 3000 Mhz Thanks a lot for helping me and sorry for my bad english!
  10. G

    Question / Help Low Stream Quality! Please Help!

    So I stream on youtube, and ive noticed recently that the video quality on my stream is very bad. this is what it looks like: i guess its not TERRIBLE but it is a bummer. if you could help me out that would be great. Log: PS:(i tried messing with...