push-to-talk on gamepads (request accepted and finished)

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I want to request being able to map push to talk to any button on a usb gamepad.

I often map my ptt to a shoulder button when on ventrilo with people while playing games so it would be very helpful if you could map ptt to a button on the gamepad in obs as well.

I made a search for push to talk before posting but I couldn't see any posts about mapping to gamepads. I hope this would be easy to implement and I would look forward to seeing it added in the (hopefully near) future.

I also want to thank you for making such a great program!


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Hey there,
not sure if this really has to be implemented on a PC software. I would like to see statistics how many streamers even have a gamepad attached to their pc, and not the console they stream :)
Anyhow, check out AutoHotkey:
http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/scripts/ ... kMouse.htm
This is an example how to use your Joystick as a Mouse. You should be able to set one of your Gamepad buttons to emulate pressing a keyboard button, this keyboard button bound to OBS PTT, and you are done.


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I'm not sure if there are any statistics available for streamers using gamepads but I've watched a lot of people streaming that use them. It also probably shouldn't be too hard to implement at least.

I've looked at the link a bit. I've never seen that program before actually. I'll try to look around it some more later. Thanks.


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Need more controllers for mapping button "push a talk"
for example:
screenshot "mumble push to talk"


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I use a foot pedal, which is effectively a USB joystick, as my push-to-talk in mumble, vent, and teamspeak. It would be GREAT if you could add this feature to OBS, as right now I either have my mic muted or always on while streaming, but I would much rather have it work in OBS as it does in mumble.

I'm also a programmer. I'm looking at the OBS source and researching how easy this may be to add. I hope to follow this post with some code.

And thanks for the excellent free and open source software!


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But then that keystroke is also sent to the game you're playing. I've tried this before, and it just doesn't work the same as when the application is listening for a global direct input event.

Like I said, I'm going to look into implementing this and I'll hopefully just have a patch for you.



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I didnt want to make a new thread so I hope that bumping this would be more appropriate.

I would really like for a PTT on my gamepad.

I already do this for mumble/ventrilo/teamspeak and it'd just be a great convenience for me (and others who've expressed interest)

Is there any word as to if this might be implemented at all?


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Registered only for this topic.

+1 for Idea.
Im always using PTT on gamepad and my friends too. Were playing Online games with Mumble.
I want to start Twitching with Mumble in background, but I cant because I wont have microphone open always.
I assure many PC players uses Gamepads for games and streaming.
Im not programmer but I think this is easy to implement.

And I think players will WONT install external software/macros for key binding/remapping.
This is bad way for good software like Open Broadcaster.

Hope You'll do something with PTT thing. I wont change software, because I like OB.
And sorry for My English.


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Yeah, please make an option to make any button a push-to-talk button. Buttons like left windows, sleep button and other special buttons. That would be really useful.
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