Program automatic scene / source change

Hi Guys,
I have a specific question:
Is it possible to automatically set / program camera (sources / scenes) changes in OBS?

As a short info: I've been traveling with horses and carriages for almost four years. We started at the Luxembourg border and are now in Poland. It goes further and further east.
If you are interested, have a look on Instagram or Youtube! (GrüneKutsche) ;)

I would like to give our subscribers the opportunity to follow our lives live.
However, I cannot sit in front of OBS all the time and activate the different cameras (housed in different sources and scenes).

Is it possible to have this change automatically?
I've already seen that tabs work in the background, for example with games, the browser, etc.
If this is not possible in OBS, is there any other software that can meet these requirements?

Many thanks for your help! best regards

from the extremely unusual GrüneKutsche dropout family