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  1. naxce

    A batch script that change the scene in OBS

    Like in title, How to create this?
  2. G

    Program automatic scene / source change

    Hi Guys, I have a specific question: Is it possible to automatically set / program camera (sources / scenes) changes in OBS? As a short info: I've been traveling with horses and carriages for almost four years. We started at the Luxembourg border and are now in Poland. It goes further and...
  3. I

    Intentional scene switch delay

    Hello, I've been searching for literally hours and the only thing even slightly related I can find is that people are having issues with their transitions being delayed, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ISSUE, now that I've cleared that up, let me tell you what I'm trying to do. The idea is...
  4. A

    Bug Report OBS Freezes For a Moment on Scene Transition

    I got a new Mac and updated to Mojave, so I can't be sure if this is just this Mac or something related to Mojave but I didn't have this problem on my old Mac Pro with these same scenes and settings: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac18,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor...
  5. P

    Question / Help Black screen after a few hours of streaming on network camera, YouTube

    Possibly solved, see edit below. Here are the logs: I have a network camera running that streams via OBS on Windows to YouTube Live. The stream is supposed to run 24/7, but every morning I find the output and also the preview window to be completely black. When...