Question / Help Problems while streaming on Twitch but not on YT


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I wanted to stream on Twitch so i set bitrate to 3500 (stream in 720p 30fps). But i'm constantly losing fps. Turning on the dynamic bitrate helps a little and eliminates fps drop problem, but bitrate drops to average 1500kbps and the output looks awful and blurry during major movements. But even turning this setting on doesn't fix the fact, that after serveral minutes bitrate drops to 0. I tried different servers: Warsaw, Berlin, Prague but to no avail.

Everything works fine on YT. More can I say, with this settings i can stream 720p 60fps without a problem and the output looks great. No bitrate drops, no fps drops, no 0 kbps problems, Constant 3500 kpbs(+- 10 kpbs) and 60 fps.

Do you happen to know why there are such inconveniences on twitch?