Problem with Vulkan implementation and Oculus Rift S


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Since updating to most recent version of OBS studio this week i have been unable to use my Rift S. I did not connect the update to the issues i was having with headset till i found a forum post on oculus site. I had to uninstall obs studio and delete obs-hook directory in c:\ProgramData. After doing this the issue went away. Restoring files recreated the issue immediately. This remedy is not a real issue for me because i have a second pc to stream on. It is just a post for those that have a rift s or similar headset and the device stops working suddenly. I can't say whether this is an edge case or common. It could be my specific setup or a general issue.


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This should be fixed in OBS Studio 26.0.2. It was definitely broken in 26.0.0.