driver problem

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    OBS 27.0.1 wont work with NVIDIA after update to LINUX MINT 20.2 UMA XCFE

    Just upgraded to LINXU MINT 20.2 UMA XCFE, and OBS won't record, claims it couldn't open my NVIDIA encoder, and to check my drivers. I did check, and my drivers are up to date. Anyone else having this issue? Did you find a solution? here is my log file.
  2. N

    Problem with Vulkan implementation and Oculus Rift S

    Since updating to most recent version of OBS studio this week i have been unable to use my Rift S. I did not connect the update to the issues i was having with headset till i found a forum post on oculus site. I had to uninstall obs studio and delete obs-hook directory in c:\ProgramData. After...